About Us

Upon inception in 2010, 327 Promotions has been and continues to be a client focused firm with an emphasis on innovation.  We have served companies primarily in the Miami, FL area for over 8 years.  Our portfolio ranges from small, mid sized to large brands.

Dedicated To Your Success
Our clients are our partners.  To us partnership means a shared dedication to the success of a given campaign.  We are here to rebuild, begin, or reinvent your reach within the digital space.  Our team is with you at every step in the process to ensure your success.

Guiding You Toward Expansion
Doing the same thing over and over again will leave you in the same spot… will it not?  Of course it will.   Our team is dedicated to changing, tweaking, and resurrecting broken campaigns.  It is our mission to get you out of your plateau so that you can achieve true growth via proven strategies.


If there’s no viable option, we’ll create one.  It can be assumed that there is many effective ways to get the same job done.  We believe in exploring options and figuring out new ways to conquer our clients goals.  Yielding results being our primary objective we are always refocusing to stay ahead of the curve.


Our clients are our partners.  We strive to meet our clients expectations by personalizing our service to each brand.  We are upfront and transparent.  We do not promise anything that we can’t deliver.


With years of experience we can facilitate an effective campaign for your brand.  Every brand has unique needs.  Having worked with many brands using diverse strategies we have the ability to enhance your marketing objectives.

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Who We Are

327 Promotions was initially founded by Gary M. Raab in 2010.  Raab who has a degree in marketing from Florida State University has more than 8 years experience in the field.  Known for innovation Gary Raab has always tried to stay ahead of the curve.  With experience working with major, mid sized, and smaller brands Gary has participated in campaigns of all capacities.  Raab has always believed in having strong relationships with his clients.

Gary Raab, Principal Founder

Gary M. Raab