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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is an advertising tool found on the most popular search engine, Google.  Pay Per Click similar to Organic SEO utilizes keywords to enhance a sites ability to be seen on various search engines.  Google maintains a bidding system to determine the cost of a given ad placement and analytics to show relevant performance.


When you engage in pay per click advertising it is important to locate your target audience.  Once determined, your target audience can be pulled in through specified keywords.  It is important to locate specific words that are relevant to your brand and not just the obvious words that describe your brand.  The more specific your keywords are the more cost effective a campaign your brand can run.  As Google uses a bidding system to determine advertisement placement common terms are more expensive and specified terms are less expensive.


Google provides analytics to show you how your campaign is running.  Search terms, locations, and bidding prices are among the features provided by the team at Google.  While administering a campaign we not only provide your brand with analytics, we also provide you with our take and possible tweaks and/or improvements upon request.  The Google platform offers the most in depth reporting of all the major online advertising and marketing arenas.

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