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Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO consists of programming keywords into the meta data of a website to optimize the sites performance.  The purpose of SEO is to have your brand rank higher on various search engines.  While we offer no guarantees that you will be on the first page of Google or other search engines in a short period of time we do know that you will gain additional exposure utilizing our techniques.  Blogs and news articles pertaining to your brand can also advance your efforts within this realm.

Content and Keyword Optimization

Although there is no exact way to know the algorithms utilized by the administrators at Google or other search engine conglomerates it can be assumed based on prior research from various professionals that content is king.  It is known that Google has “web crawlers” that are constantly crawling the web looking for new content to rank on its engine.  Web crawlers search for content both on the surface of a website and within the metadata of a website.  Keywords can be programmed into the metadata of a website to draw attention to certain phrases or words of importance.  The better programmed your website is the better chance your brand will have of being seen on the top most pages of Google and its competitors.  The higher you rank on search engines the more potential clients you will be able to accrue.

Blogging and News Articles

Blogs serve multiple purposes including but not limited to being utilized for general information, news and search enhancements.   A blog is a good place to inform your patrons about the happenings within your company.  It never hurts to let people know about your brands resources and how they can help a client or potential client.  In this section a brand can also update all on news and relevant movements affecting your field.  Developing a blog also enhances search engine optimization.  As per the section to the left, content is king when it comes to Google.  The more content your site has the more likely it is to be seen.  More blogs/news articles add content to your site and thus enhance its search capabilities.

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