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Social Media Advertising

While Social Media is not the most cost effective form of marketing on the web we find that some brands find this type of marketing advantageous.  Social Media offers advertising most similar to a billboard as it is a placement within a given market, a digital market that is.  While not nearly as effective as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media provides a brand the ability to connect with customers on a more personal basis and is good for customer relationship management.  Popular platforms include but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Facebook is the largest platform of the social media spectrum.  The best uses of this application are event marketing, targeted advertisements and customer relationship management.  Facebooks most effective use is event marketing.  Targeted ads can be effective with the right designation.  Through a fan page a brand can communicate with it’s patron and monitor relationships.


The most effective uses for Twitter include CRM and advertising.  Using Twitter to build relationships can be effective but requires someone monitoring the application at most hours of the day.  Twitter does have the capacity to run an advertising campaign as well.


LinkedIn the most popular social network for professionals offers a business relationship targeted approach to digital advertising.  LinkedIn is a great place to keep up with meaningful business relationships.  LinkedIn advertising is very similar to Facebook, however, it is more targeted to a professional audience as opposed to a general audience.


Instagram is a very popular social media site.  While the user base of Instagram has grown rapidly over the past couple years, it’s advertising is very expensive.  Instagram caters to a more youthful demographic as such, this platforms marketing capabilities are best utilized if your focusing on millennials.

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